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Do you want to develop new ideas and bring them to life? Here are the steps we can take together… 


Step 1: Build knowledge

What do we need to (know) to succeed with our efforts to innovate and bring about change?

On this website, you will find articles and videos on topics related to:

[1] How to generate new ideas: Techniques for re-inventing our products, processes, systems, ways of working and living; with a focus on leveraging your values and desire to shape a sustainable future as a motor

[2] How to execute them: Moving from having an idea to developing and implementing it in the form of a project. This includes methods and tools to use for co-creation (in person, hybrid & remote).

I hope that they will be helpful to you.

Featured Videos

Everybody talks about ideas and innovation. But what do they really mean?

This is the start of a video series taking a look at these concepts to offer easy to understand explanations and actionable advice

What if Christmas Elves designed your products and processes? Check out my thought experiment on how what is important to us influences what we do & how

Are you looking for a fun activity to include in your last team meeting before the holidays? I came up with something that might be suited, you will find the explanation in the video.

 Step 2: Explore & Implement the methods that fit your challenge

What we can do together | Products & Services

If you you looking for personal support with solutions to


  • generate new ideas for your business, which are based on your values and drive to create a better future, by using online workshops
  • plan, steer, coordinate & manage the project implementing your new ideas
  • engage your team in times of remote or hybrid work
  • engage your community via new participatory digital formats


we could explore some options together.

Step 3: Ready to venture into uncharted territory?

Fundamentally new challenges necessitate solutions of equally new nature. What I mean is: We cannot solve problems using the methods that created them.

Designing a sustainabe future world, preventing climate collapse, adapting to changes due to the global pandemic – there is no denying anymore that we really are living in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. The old methods of dealing with change do not adequately equip our businesses and society to thrive in this environment.

It is time for new methods. Join me in creating & using them.

Such solutions will rely on global collaboration & co-creation more than ever. Also, due to the COVID-19 situation, many people are working remotely right now. Therefore, I will first test various tools for collaboration, co-creation, teambuilding and engagement in the digital realm.

Following that, I will develop workshop formats to facilitate values-based and sustainability-fueled innovation. It would be great to partner with you in testing them. But one step after the other.

See what’s on my workbench right now…