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Where you can find articles providing actionable information on topics related to remote engagement & co-creation as well as values-based and sustainability-oriented innovation.  

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High Fidelity: Voice-only conversations on a map

Join me for another tool tip for designing meaningful formats for online engagement and interaction.

This week, we will use spatial audio and a customizable map and point out two ways to use it for your workshop, event, seminar, …


How to have an idea

Everybody talks about ideas and innovation. But what do they really mean?

This is the start of a video series taking a look at these concepts  to offer understandable explanations and actionable advice

The topics I write about originate from the following thought process:

The first step of this support is sharing my knowledge here.

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Ideation is fueled by creativity – unless our brains block us in a misguided effort to protect

The first stage of creating something new is ususally a phase where we generate and share ideas. But there are a few mental blocks, that can hinder us here. Learn more about three common ones and how to get past them in this video series.

Explore 2d environments & interact with your colleagues via spatial video online

Testing one of my favourite tools for video chat online:, where you can create & customize beautifully drawn maps for a variety of applications; embed links, slides audio or videos within the map to tailor it to your own applications


Tool Test:

A tool test of the website, where I check out how to create an environment for interacting online. This site uses spatial video & audio in a retro video game aesthetic.

On the challenges of turning offline into online workshops

When I turned my Science-Fiction prototyping workshop into a remote format, I encountered a challenge and learned to give more thought about how to transfer the spatial aspects of a workshop’s design into the digital realm. I also realized that it may not be enough to solely rely on audio, voice and visuals alone to frame a workshop’s atmosphere. Instead it may be helpful to use symbols and cultural elements too.