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Online Co-Creation Tool Test Interacting online via spatial video in a beautifully drawn map

What you do & what you work on online needs to fit the tools you use to do that: If content and form are too disconnected, something gets lost. If they work hand in hand, magic can happen. This is why I’m continuing to test different tools.

This week, let me share with you Topia: A spatial video chat application with huge potential to create meaningful online environments for interaction, for co-creation, or just for socializing, remote coworking and networking.

Why does it excite me a lot? It allows you to create these highly customized words, incredibly easily, providing beautifully designed elements that draw you into the world.

It has the spatial audio and the spatial video -but more importantly, its philosophy is very close to my heart: Enabling you to create something to explore that ignites your curiosity.

Check out the longer video, if you are interested in watching my first walk-through of Topia:

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