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On ideas & Innovation

But what if my idea is … bad?


If you have ever tried to create something, it likely started with you developing an idea of what to do or how to solve a certain task or problem. 

Unfortunately, there sometimes is a little voice in our heads, just as we are about to act on that idea, which asks: “But what if that idea is … bad? What if it’s just not good enough, what if we get judged by it ….”. 

Regardless of which type of ideas we are talking about, whether you are doing art, writing, preparing a proposal / pitch or contributing to an ideation /problem solving session in a business context: There are sabotaging thought patterns, which sometimes keep us from expressing, sharing and implementing our ideas. And these get stronger, the more important that thing we are working on is to us.


This is the first half of a 2-part video detailing three of these destructive “myths” we invent to protect ourselves and which steps to take to get through them.